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I'm Igal Schneider, an infinite romantic and Toronto based photographer.


I started my journey into photography, when my father bought me a Smena 8 camera when I was 9. It wasn't till much later, when I started to understand what I'm doing. Nowadays, I work with different equipment, have more than 15 cameras - from fully manual rangefinders with no light meter, to fully equipped SLRs - and I enjoy them all. 


When I want to bring the best memories of my childhood, I take those old crooked albums from the shelf. They travelled with me from Latvia to Israel and from Israel to Canada. They are my best moments keepers. They bring back smells.


Here’s my grandma beading the dough, smiling at my grandpa, who probably took the photo. I look at the dimples on her face and quietly smile to myself.


Here’s me, wearing funny white hat and a velvet costume. Looking shy but happy. I remember this moment, because I was looking into my mom’s eyes.


This is probably one of the reasons I chose film photography in the first place. It gave me a connection to my family history and the history of the world itself.

Film photography speaks to my heart and when I take these pictures, whether they are of my family, or friends, I feel that I continue the chain of the photographers that existed before me and will be there after me.

Though I prefer film as my main media, I also do digital photography, both commercial and personal. You can see my digital photos under the Digital section of this website. 

I invite you to be a part of my journey, and to have the authentic experience of being shot on film. 


Together, we are going to chose the day when the magic happens.  Book your spot today.

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