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Hello again.

It's been a while since I last posted something here. War in Ukraine and my main IT job as an Amazon Cloud Engineer took their toll on my photography. I do not photograph as often as I would like. Also, due to high film prices, I started shooting with a digital camera. And, frankly speaking, I'm in love with it. It's Fujifilm x100v.

Cherry Blossom in Toronto High Park, shot with Fujifilm x100v

I love it because it resembles my favourite rangefinder - Minolta CLE. It is pretty small, it has the look and feel of the film camera, and it has the controls of the film camera. It also hosts a fixed 35mm equivalent f/2 lens, and recently I bought a tele conversion lens for it, the TCL-X100 B II, that makes it an equivalent of 50mm in full frame, without loosing the f/2.

Magnolia in Toronto High Park, shot with Fujifilm x100v

Another reason to love it is the film emulation capabilities. Because I love film photography. However, film became a very expensive medium over the last couple of years. Either due to pandemics, or because of the higher demand, since the film photography became popular again, or both. Anyways, x100v (and I believe any other Fuji X camera) allows you to do film emulation in-camera, and the results are actually amazing. You can set up to 7 presets, and there's plenty recipes available on the internet. I use the ones by Ritchie Roesch at .

Magnolia in Toronto High Park, shot with Fujifilm x100v

Following are some more shots made with this camera. I promise to be back more often and write more about photography.

Tulips and daffodils on our front yard, shot with Fujifilm x100v

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