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Cottage on Sturgeon Lake

On the Thanksgiving weekend in October 2018, we rented a cottage on Sturgeon Lake, which is part of Kawarta Lakes, a beautiful region in Ontario, located just an hour and a half drive from Toronto.

We visited a small Mennonite market run by a family that asked not to be pictured (although a woman at the counter didn't mind)

I bought a fishing licence, we rented a boat and went fishing. It was so cold there, that after an hour we left without single fish.

Roy is our smallest one, and he's always "boiling". He asked to swim in the lake despite the weather - it was about 10C/50F outside, and the water was freezing cold. We let him, but he said "no" at the last moment :)

All the photos were taken with Zenit-E, Jena Biotar 58mm f/2 on Arista Edu 400 film

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