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Quebec City, December 2018

Back in December 2018 we went to our favourite city in Canada, Quebec City. We rented a house and drove there. ​

The city was all about Christmas and the New Year (we arrived on December 26), and we absolutely loved it, since this was the atmosphere we were missing in Toronto.

From -15 (-20 with windchill) to +1 and back to freezing in one day. Add some freezing raining, and you can imagine the stunning, ice covered view from our window. 9pm. Reckless us left the kids at home and headed to Old Quebec City. Very few people (probably as crazy as we are) wandered the streets. But the views, they were so beautiful...

The next day we take the kids and get out, to a sparkling winter wonderland

The day before the New Year?. We left the kids at home and escaped to the city centre. It was -20 with the windchill, but we were surrounded by young people who were dressed as if it was summer time. We were well equipped for the cold, but we still felt the stinging of it. Probably because we weren’t drunk as these youngsters. We were headed to the Ferris wheel ?, but the operator stopped it and declined our begging to get on. It was 11PM and his day was over. Even after I promised him double pay, he smiled and said “Désolé nous sommes fermés”. You saw my disappointment and took me to the side, kissing and saying “it’s ok, baby, never mind”. But you were surprised I was ready to pay more just for two of us to get there.

Of course I was. I love you ?

It was -28. Our last day in Quebec City. But we just couldn’t miss this magical light. We couldn’t let it go without capturing these stunning views of floating ice on the St. Lawrence river, the crusty snow and the mesmerizing sunset. We gonna miss you, Quebec, mon amour.

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